A Sexy, Futuristic Climbing Centre Is About To Open In Sydney

Climbing centres tend to be a sweaty, dirty chalk-filled affair, housed by a strange combination of children and lean, shirtless men. 9 Degrees, a brand new bouldering gym in Sydney, will no doubt transform into that in years to come. But for now? It's brand-new. It's clean, sexy and futuristic as hell.

9 Degrees isn't even open yet. There are plans to open its doors to a select few in the next week or so, with an official opening a couple of weeks after. The above video gives you an idea of what you can expect. It's a premium bouldering gym with all-new equipment and all the fancy new training equipment you can imagine.

Bouldering, for those of you wondering, is a specialised style of climbing focused on short, technical/difficult routes. It's essentially a fun, social way to get into rock climbing.

9 Degrees will focus on that type of climbing. You won't have to get strapped into a harness to climb. Fall off and it'll be a nice cushioned landing on those super clean pads you see in the photographs.

You can find out more about 9 Degrees at its Facebook page here

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