You Can Watch Every Episode Of The Daily Show Live, For The Next Month, In Australia

It's Jon Stewart's final month as the host of The Daily Show, and there are big celebrations going on — some of which Aussies can enjoy. Comedy Central has unblocked its massive, month-long Daily Show streaming marathon website for us to watch.

The Daily Show has been running with Jon Stewart at the helm for the last 17 years — an incredible achievement in this age of disposable TV and disposable talent. His final show will be on August 6th, and to celebrate his long-running position as host, Comedy Central is streaming all 2000-plus Daily Show episodes in one massive unbroken series. The stream itself started on July 26th, with Stewart's first show from January 11, 1999, and is now up to roughly the year 2000 — we've just seen a very young Joshua Jackson on-screen.

Here's the best part. Comedy Central has been magnanimous enough to unblock (or, at least, not block) the Your Month Of Zen website around the world, and that means that while The Daily Show, just like Last Week Tonight is usually unavailable via the 'net, you'll be able to join in Jon Stewart's last hurrah. [Comedy Central]

Update: Looks like the stream has been blocked in Australia. Boo.

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