You Can Now Buy The Apple Watch In Australian Apple Retail Stores...Sort Of

Apple's launch for Watch was kind of weird. It was a big deal for company to release its first wearable, but not so much for its iconic retail stores. Instead of long lines around the block, people made appointments to try one on before ordering it online and having it delivered to their houses. Now after a few months on the market, you can sort of buy a Watch in Australian Apple Stores.

Apple today unveiled something called Reserve and Pick Up for the Watch in its Australian Apple Stores. You still reserve an Apple Watch online, but from today you have the option of going into a retail store to pick it up rather than wait for it to be delivered.

You still make an appointment to collect an Apple Watch, but it takes out the time of waiting by the door for the courier to bring your new shiny.

It gets better, though: you can technically buy an Apple Watch through a retail store and bypass the online process entirely. The only risk is that you might not get the Watch you're after, as stock is still prioritised towards online orders first. Still, if you want a Watch and you aren't fussy about colours or bands, get down to your local retail outlet and see what you can come away with.

To sweeten the deal, Apple is offering new bags to carry your pride and joy home in. Instead of the drawstring plastic bags you normally get with purchase, you're given a bag with straps that match your Apple Watch strap. Because fashion.

Are you sold on the Apple Watch? Tell us in the comments.



    Wake me up when somebody develops a watch I don't have to recharge every's bad enough putting up with their shitty iPhone5...

      Oh didn't you know?

      If you turn off every single function you only have to charge it every -3- days!!

        Would have been quicker to write "If you used it rarely it can last 3 days!"

          Or just a good ol' 'Get a life! Loser! :P

      Pebble? Even after it hits 0% it has another 12 hours of being a watch with an always on screen up it's sleeve.

      Last edited 18/06/15 8:40 am

    I just wanted to be the first one to comment on this story! What do I win!?!?!?

    Cough... Pebble... Cough

      I got the pebble time and the apple watch. I spent 15 minute with the pebble time on my wrist , put it back in the box and put my apple watch back on.
      The functionality/battery life balance is an interesting one. The functionality the apple watch provides over the battery life has sold me on the apple watch.

      I think "It's time" for me to sell my pebble.

      Last edited 17/06/15 4:13 pm

        The pebble is massively hamstrung on ios, it's just SO much better on android.

        If you're with Apple, Apple is your only real choice, no matter how hard pebble may try.

          Only tried it on Android.... so I'm not sure how good it it with iOS.

          But I find pebble has a lot of pros and a few cons, Pebble Steel here the no microphone was a downside, though the Pebble Time has that (though no integration with google Now).

          I find the 7 day life span and it being so much more reasonably priced makes up for its shortfalls.
          and that E-Ink display is great, easy to read and always on, It does what I want, It replaces my watch (time, timer, stopwatch, alarm) give me remote control over my music (Music Boss) and give me notifications without needing my phone out, that's about all I want my smart watch to do, anything more and i will get my phone out.

          Oh and water proof to 100m or 5atm (that means you can go swimming with it)

          Last edited 18/06/15 2:01 pm

    I have a watch that tells the time and date. That's all I need in a watch. I have a smart phone for the other stuff.

      Yeah I heard the same thing 7 years ago...

      "I have a phone to make calls and send txt messages, I have a laptop for using the interwebs"

        True, so maybe wake us when it's seven years time from now and the watch doesn't still require you to have your phone anyway.

        If our smartphones required us to carry laptops around with us, it'd be a different story, wouldn't it.

    I got my Apple watch on Monday just to see how functional it would be for myself having one hand and an arm that goes just below the elbow. I had an LG G Watch when I had a nexus 5 and found it way to difficult to use but this apple watch is much much better at picking touches with my stump and the digital crown combined with Siri makes it even better. I'm still however thinking I'll return it before the 2 week return period expires but that's only because I think it's a great $300 watch but as far as $579 goes I think I'm happy using my iPhone instead and having my normal Ripcurl watch instead. By far it's been the best at the gym though.

    Still have until the 30th according to the order page so I might change my mind as yet. Too bad I can't try Watch OS 2 without putting ios9 on my iPhone as that looks like a big improvement.

      No offence, but how do you use the digital crown with a stump?

        It's actually the easiest part of the watch to use. I just move my stump over it in one direction to roll it one way and back for the other. I can press on it easily and it's definitely the most accurate control I have of the watch other than voice with Siri. I can use touch but not super accurately. And I can force touch with my elbow. The only thing I can't use is multi finger gestures but you only use them for sending heart beats and drawing and I don't really care about that. The app selection screen is hard to navigate but I just use Siri to launch apps mostly. Watch OS 2 looks promising as it's going to be better with Siri commands etc. I was thinking of returning it before but I really love it at the gym and getting notifications so I'm probably going to keep it now.

    I like the look of the Moto 360 but one needs an android device and I have an iPhone. Suck it up yes.

      Don't get the 360. It has an ancient processor that is weak and not power efficient.

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