You Can Now Buy The Apple Watch In Australian Apple Retail Stores…Sort Of

You Can Now Buy The Apple Watch In Australian Apple Retail Stores…Sort Of

Apple’s launch for Watch was kind of weird. It was a big deal for company to release its first wearable, but not so much for its iconic retail stores. Instead of long lines around the block, people made appointments to try one on before ordering it online and having it delivered to their houses. Now after a few months on the market, you can sort of buy a Watch in Australian Apple Stores.

Apple today unveiled something called Reserve and Pick Up for the Watch in its Australian Apple Stores. You still reserve an Apple Watch online, but from today you have the option of going into a retail store to pick it up rather than wait for it to be delivered.

You still make an appointment to collect an Apple Watch, but it takes out the time of waiting by the door for the courier to bring your new shiny.

It gets better, though: you can technically buy an Apple Watch through a retail store and bypass the online process entirely. The only risk is that you might not get the Watch you’re after, as stock is still prioritised towards online orders first. Still, if you want a Watch and you aren’t fussy about colours or bands, get down to your local retail outlet and see what you can come away with.

To sweeten the deal, Apple is offering new bags to carry your pride and joy home in. Instead of the drawstring plastic bags you normally get with purchase, you’re given a bag with straps that match your Apple Watch strap. Because fashion.

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