You Can Actually Watch Pied Piper’s Condor Cam Live Stream 

You Can Actually Watch Pied Piper’s Condor Cam Live Stream 

Want to see the miracles of nature happen right before your eyes? Thanks to the innovative technology brought to you by the new Silicon Valley startup Pied Piper, you can watch a condor egg hatch deep in the Carmel Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Preserve. DO NOT KEEP READING IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT PIED PIPER’S CONDOR CAM.

What’s a tech company like Pied Piper doing live streaming a condor egg? The project is explained on the Pied Piper blog in a post by business development head Jared Dunn: It’s a demonstration of the startup’s impressive middle-out compression software, streaming in 4k Ultra HD. This video is so smooth, it may even be better than the compression rate offered by Endframe.

Although, if you paid attention this week, you’ll know that the cam is no longer chronicling the earliest days of a condor foetus.

I’ve been watching for the past hour and I can assure you although it looks like this is just static image, there has been some action. Want to watch yourself? Simply head on over to, where there’s actually quite a comprehensive website for this impressive startup with aspirations to take down the tech giant Hooli — including information about its recent legal troubles.

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