What Classic Gadget Would You Turn Into A Phone?

What Classic Gadget Would You Turn Into A Phone?
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Smartphone concepts come and go like Ron Swanson memes. But amidst a deluge of half-baked renderings, a few ideas are so well executed we can forgive the fact that they will never see the light of day and simply admire the genius.

Take, for instance, the work of designer Pierre Cerveau, whose fusions of the retro and the modern offer us glimpses into a parallel universe where technology took a slightly different course. What if Sony invented a smartphone that had a bit of that classic cassette player flair?

What if Apple’s first iPhone came twenty years earlier — would the heirloom feature a rotary dial and Macintosh branding? Or what if Atari, magically restored to its former glory, decided to jump into the mobile market today?

These are the deep matters that Cerveau ponders, and he does so with unmatched style:

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of what’s possible, we’re asking you to get creative. What classic gadget would you turn into a smartphone? Share it right here in the comments, preferably with a photo. We’ll send a few of the most popular / creative ideas Cerveau’s way, and he’s promised to do one of them up for us.

Personally, I’m a big Nintendo fan, and I’d totally buy a phone that jacks its style from the 1989 Game Boy. Maybe it’d have an 8-bit touchscreen and only play chiptunes? Hey, one can dream.

Images via Pierre Cerveau