Watch A Pilot Eject From His Fighter Jet During A Crash Landing

Watch a pilot eject from his fighter jet during a crash landing

Video: Whoa. The Aviationist says that this pilot ejected from his Hungarian Air Force JAS-39C single seat Gripen jet as it crash landed. The nose gear in the fighter jet had failed the pilot and he was forced to belly land the plane. When the plane hit the runway, the pilot ejected himself before things got worse.


    Looks like the pilot would have been better off riding it out in the jet.
    He'll be pretty sore from massive G's experienced from the ejection and then the rough landing after a very short flight.
    Ah, hindsight. You are so cruel.

    Yeah that was odd - he road it 3/4 then bailed at the easy part. Maybe he was worried it would role or burst into flames.

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