Tom Ford Made A Steampunk Apple Pocket Watch

Tom Ford Made A Steampunk Apple Pocket Watch

You gotta hand it to designer Tom Ford. He’s a real innovator when it comes to smartwatch hacks. He’s taken away the most annoying parts of the Apple Watch — like having to wear it on your wrist all the time — and turned it into a cute little phone you can simply tuck into your vest pocket. Genius!

Ford proudly debuted his DIY Apple Pocket Watch project last week, where it was photographed by several admirers.

While Ford hasn’t released a YouTube tutorial yet, it looks like he carefully filed away the implements which help keep the watch and all of its technical abilities close to your wrist. Then he soldered a metal loop onto the top and added a stylish vintage chain to secure it to his suit. The pinstripe vest really completes the look, which is part steampunk, part chain wallet. (I mean, technically it is a chain wallet because Apple Pay, right?)

This is a real game changer. Not only does this hack instantly relieve the Apple Watch of all those annoying wearable features like heart rate tracking, it makes the device truly portable. Those of us who previously wanted to carry an Apple product in our pockets had to use iPhones, which are so large and unwieldy. Now, thanks to Ford’s ingenuity, one only needs to slip this tiny device somewhere into our clothing (plus a phone in another pocket).

No Instructables link yet, but I’m sure it’s coming.

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Picture: MatthewSchneier