This Is Gadget Rage Taken To A Professional Level

When I get mad with technology, I generally swear a bit, write a strongly-worded letter to the offending gadget’s maker, and go and sulk with a book. Professional videographer Casey Neistat does none of those things. He simply smashes stuff with an ax, before calmly continuing with life.

As Neistat explains in the video above, his Canon 70D had an annoying repeat error, where it would spontaneously stop recording, and just display a tiny error message to inform you of the fact. Malfunctioning gadgets are bad; sneaky malfunctioning gadgets that waste your time are worse.

So Neistat took an axe to his 70D (complete with lens), writing off the entire $1000+ package. It’s as painful to watch as it sounds. Casey, if you have any more malfunctioning cameras, I would be happy to take them off your hands (intact) for further testing and evaluation.

[YouTube via PetaPixel]