The HTC One M9 Camera Firmware Update Is Out Today For Aussies

Briefly:The HTC One M9 was an average phone with a below average camera when it shipped out to the market in March, and ever since then the company has been promising to ship a software fix for the lackuster shooter. Today the update starts shipping to Aussies.

This is what the camera update includes, according to HTC:

With greater auto exposure balance and a new algorithm to improve dynamic range, HTC One M9 users can enjoy more detailed and balanced images with colours truer to real life. Even in low-lighting conditions images will be clearer and brighter than ever before.

In our camera tests, the HTC One M9 performed poorly in just about every scenario. Hopefully this update improves the results.

The camera isn't the only thing being upgraded, however: the new software update will improve battery life and keep the phone cooler while it's charging.

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