The Complicated And Fascinating Life Of Farming Leafcutter Ants

The complicated and fascinating life of farming leafcutter ants

Here's an interesting look at the life of leafcutter ants, the tiny little farmers of the world. They cut off the leaves of trees and essentially use it to farm the fungus they need to feet their little ant colony. It's an impressive undertaking, carrying the leaves as they do is the equivalent of humans carrying more than 600 pounds with our teeth.

Possibly more impressive, the ants can strip an entire tree of all its good leaves in just a few hours. Deep Look writes:

Though leafcutter ants drink the sap in leaves for energy, they don't eat them. Instead, they use them to grow something else. Leafcutters use leaf pieces to feed a fungus that grows in white tufts in their nests. The ants eat the fungus and feed it to their brood.

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