Tesla's Battery Gigafactory Is Coming Along Nicely, Thanks

Video: Just like the massive Apple Campus 2, Tesla Motors' US$1bn battery-building Gigafactory is under construction -- out in the Fallout wastes Nevada desert, rather than in the heart of Silicon Valley -- and the building process looks like it's well under way. A drone enthusiast took the opportunity to take a look at the nascent plant, and filmed the entire thing in 4K.

Shot with a DJI Phantom 3 drone and onboard 4K camera, this two-minute clip gives you at least some idea of the massive future size of the Gigafactory. Here's the thing, though -- according to Tesla boss Elon Musk, this video only shows the current build status of the pilot plant, itself only a quarter of the actual size of the factory:

As a bonus, here's another drone vid of the Gigafactory. Enjoy!



    I've seen bigger...

      I thought the same thing. Note the tweet from Elon Musk......it's just the pilot plant. The full plant is 4x as big, so yeah, it's big.

    Looks like an absolute festering sh--hole. No roads? No concrete hardstands? I've seen nicer looking gold mines in Southern Cross!

    But then I google mapped it, and they've got diapers.com and chewy.com right next door. (Along with what appears to be a bunch of missile silos.)
    So it's obviously a nice neighbourhood.

    Plus, it's on Electric Avenue, so the Eddie Grant fans out there (you know who you are), will obviously like the place.

    Finally, for the doubters, it's within commute of Reno, so HOOKERS !

      Was going to ask "Why in the desert?", but you have answered this nicely. Plus the land rates out there would be minimal. Also - hookers!
      No doubt the factory will be staffed by robots and any hint of environmentally destructive materials or waste will be 'forgotten'...
      As they say with disgust on Silicon Valley "Billionaires!"....

        The Factory will have robots supervised by hookers.....

    I bet there's lots of empty Sunset Sarsparilla bottles in there

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