Telstra Outage Leaves Users Without Mobile, Landline and Internet Services

Did you have trouble making calls this morning? The massive outage has left users across NSW frustrated and even disrupted trains.

The Telstra troubles started at about 1:30 am but was fixed by about 6:30 am. Many users who tried to make calls were instead met with a recorded message informing them that there was congestion. Some ADSL and home phone services were affected.

Tesltra was quick to say it wasn't a big outage, and that the issue was caused by maintenance that took longer than expected.

Not surprisingly, annoyed customers jumped on social media looking for answers and venting their complaints. Telstra apologised, but people are still complaining of issues hours later. Perhaps they need to try turning it off and back on again.

Were you affected by the outage? Tell us about in the comments or check your service status here.

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