Sony Smart B-Trainer Australian Price and Release Date

Sony Smart B-Trainer Australian Price and Release Date

Need motivation to get fit this winter? Sony has you covered with the B-Trainer, which can even choose music based on heart rate. So how much will it cost you?

The Smart B-Trainer is available this month, for a $349.

A smart fitness tracker built into a headband, the Sony device also plays your music directly from 16GB of inbuilt memory. It also works as a bluetooth headset for calls.

And as we mentioned, it can pick songs with the right tempo to match your heart-rate, which can improve your workout. If your heart rate is a little high, the B-Trainer will pick a slower song to guide you back. Too slow and and it will pick something upbeat to push you faster.

The B-Trainer also tracks heart rate, acceleration and logs your movements via GPS. The unit logs info such as calories burnt, distance travelled, time, speed, pace, cadence, steps, stride how your elevation changes.

There is also an app that lets you manage all your logs and check your training on your smartphone. You can also get training plans, including premium regimes through MY ASICS.

Do you use a fitness tracker? How do you get motivation to work out? Tell us in the comments.