Six Things We’re Looking Forward To In Windows 10

Six Things We’re Looking Forward To In Windows 10

After early builds, rumours and leaked pricing, we finally know that Microsoft 10 will be out on July 29. Here are the features we are most looking forward to from the new OS.

Many Windows users already have a little icon popping up to let them know that Windows 10 is almost here, and as a free upgrade to boot.

Despite itching to upgrade, I think Windows 8.1 is great. But that is a somewhat controversial view. Fortunately Windows 10 looks like it is shaping up to be the best version yet.


A smart, useful digital assistant on your desktop? Yes please. Cortana promises to bring Google Now and Siri like functionality to Windows 10.

You can give voice commands, search your PC, look things up on the net or keep yourself organised.

Cortana is also going to be available on Android and iPhone.

Microsoft Edge

We we really hoping the Spartan code name would become official, but the new Microsoft browser is called Edge.

It still uses Bing, but Microsoft promises a faster, smoother, smarter and more robust browser. Early reports suggest it is pretty good.

The New Start Menu

Almost everyone hates the Windows 8 start menu, and Microsoft even made is easier to use in Windows 8.1.

The new system promises to be even better, with a more traditional menu that is customisable and incorporates live tiles and an app search bar.

Universal Apps

Windows Phone Users rejoice – apps will be available across the board on PC, laptop, phones and tablets.

Microsoft has also introduced a new code base to make it easier for Android and iOS developers to bring their apps into the Microsoft ecosystem.

The ability to run the same apps across multiple platforms will come in super handy and really expand what is available.


No not the TV show — Continuum is a screen sensing feature that will detect what device you are using and adjust your view accordingly.

It also means that your smartphone or tablet can offer a more PC like experience when it suits.

Ditching The Junk

While it’s not a feature as such, we are pretty excited about all the things that Microsoft is getting rid of in Windows 10. Windows Media Player? Gone! Internet Explorer? Kaput! Built in games? Bye bye.

It might annoy some, but the Home edition will also get updates by default. While loss of control is annoying, it also means that your parents old computer is always going to be up to date.

Want to see more features? Check out this highlights video from Microsoft.