Six Reasons It’s Worth Being Cautious About Windows 10

Six Reasons It’s Worth Being Cautious About Windows 10

Don’t get us wrong, we are super excited about Windows 10 and will be upgrading right away. But there are still a few things that are worth being concerned about.

To start off, read the six things we are looking forward to in Windows 10. Or check out what version you can upgrade to, figure out what that new little icon is and learn more about the new OS.

Every new Windows version gets some complaints. Mostly it seems like a lot of people don’t like change. Other times there are legitimate gripes. Every new version is branded as the worst ever. Of course in Vista’s case it was justified.

If you do upgrade to Windows 10, give it a proper chance. Some things will work differently and it will be frustrating. When Windows 8 came out, a lot of people found it hard to get to things like the control panel or settings. But really it was actually now faster — just a click or two away in the (admittedly disliked) charms menu.

Embrace the search. Don’t waste time searching for ways to find certain settings, files or programs. Just search for it. It’s fast and super easy.

So what should you be worrying about?

Features Not Ready At Launch

Cortana is great, but likely won’t be properly available in Australia at first. In the preview, Cortana is available for US English only. The good news is that you can adjust your regional settings to give it a try anyway. The bad news is that if it is anything like the phone version, it won’t handle Australian accents too well.

The Start Menu

Six Reasons It’s Worth Being Cautious About Windows 10

Ok, so we also love the new start menu. But it still needs work. Of course it remains to be seen how it operates in the final version, but the current build of the preview removes some customisation options. Come on Microsoft, let’s make it totally adjustable.


Six Reasons It’s Worth Being Cautious About Windows 10

Search functionality is so much easier than hunting around manually. But the Windows 10 search tries to do to much. Maybe others use it differently, but 99% of the time we are looking for a program, file, or setting.

Instead Microsoft pushes you to web results (Windows 8.1 does it too), which slows down the experience. Sorry, but we don’t want to use Bing. If we are going to search the internet, it will be via Google.

Loss Of Control

Six Reasons It’s Worth Being Cautious About Windows 10

Windows 10 Home will install updates automatically, with no option to delay them. In many ways it is an excellent feature. But it’s also something to be cautious about as many techy users still run the Home version on some PCs.

Knowing your parents computer will always be up to date is great. But it’s also a step further down the road towards loss of control. If Microsoft wants Grandma to get her updates, just make it hard to turn off, not impossible.

Six Reasons It’s Worth Being Cautious About Windows 10

A Push To Certain Programs

It’s always been an issue with Microsoft – heaps of people use IE simple because it is what came pre-installed.

A big concern is Bing integration, but hopefully it just means the search functionality will actually be brought up to snuff.

But there are also other inclusions, such as Skype for messaging. And I really don’t want to have to use Skype more than I have to.

What Is With The Names?

Six Reasons It’s Worth Being Cautious About Windows 10

Maybe this isn’t exactly something to be cautious about. But Windows 10? Where was Windows 9? With changes coming left, right and center, having a predictable name would be like a warm fuzzy blanket.

The rumour is that Windows 9 could have caused some program issues with coding, thanks to Windows 95. If so, fair call…

But still, just call it Windows Awesome or something cool. Of course we are also sad that the Spartan name was ditched in favour of Edge.

Despite a few concerns, Windows 10 is looking great. Will you be upgrading right away? Tell us in the comments.