Roccat's Nyth Build-Your-Own Mouse: Made For Just About Any Game You Can Think Of

If you're an avid gamer, choosing a comfortable and versatile mouse is one of the most important things you can do; along with a keyboard and mouse and audio, a mouse is one of your primary points of input to a PC. Getting the right mouse design is tricky, though, and Roccat's minutely customisable Nyth should go a long way to helping that — especially if you're a fan of MMOs or MOBA.

The body of the Roccat Nyth is actually made up of three different parts — the main body, a removable right side finger rest, and a set of 12 customisable thumb buttons on the mouse's left side. In the Nyth kit that you buy, you'll find two different finger rests — one slimline one that lets your pinkie finger grip the side of the mouse, and one more protruding rest that encourages your pinkie to sit more relaxedly on top of it, for more comfortable holding during long periods of gaming.

But it's the left side that's even more adjustable; the default setup is a four-by-three grid of twelve individual buttons — yep, there are twelve entirely distinct buttons on the side of the Nyth, and each can be assigned two functions in Roccat's software. More importantly, you're able to change those buttons from individual to double-width ones, and there are quadruple-length blanks that don't click but that allow you a place to rest your thumb.

The Nyth has a grey shell, finished in a smooth but slightly rubberised plastic. Crucially, Roccat says, the seam between the shell and the user-replaceable finger-rest on the mouse's right edge is unnoticeable when you're holding it in your palm — that means no annoying tickles when you're pushing it around your desk or on a mousepad. That side finger-rest comes away easily, but only if you're actually trying to get it off — four magnetic lugs hold the side in place until you grip it properly to disconnect.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that Roccat will be releasing the CAD designs for each of the Nyth's 12 unique button placements, so you'll be able to design and print your own if you're a particularly enthusiastic enthusiast. It also opens the door to enterprising businesses to offer customised button-sets for different games or gaming styles.

The Nyth will come out in early August, just in time for Gamescom 2015. Even better is the news that the Nyth will be released in Australia simultaneously with our European brethren; no more waiting and coveting and ordering from international sources. [Roccat]

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