Pizza Hut's New Hot Dog Pizza Crust Pizza Is Here To Murder Food Forever

Pizza Hut's new hot dog pizza crust pizza is here to murder food forever

Hot dogs and pizza are an underrated combination so Pizza Hut decided to Frankenstein the two together with a new ridiculous pizza: a pizza with a crust made from 28 mini hot dogs. Like 28 pigs in a blanket surrounding a pizza. Like a hot dog moat around a pizza castle. Like two pizzas in a pretzel dog pod.

Ignoring the many problems with this concept (how does one hold this monstrosity? why not just get these mini hot dog bites on the side?), the whole idea of this pizza is that you pull off the mini hot dog crust before you eat it... which leaves you with a sad crustless pizza. But hey. Sticking shock value food in your stomach doesn't always come with logic.

It hits the United States on June 18 (it's been available internationally in some capacity before). The pizza is served with mustard.

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