Paramount Invites Fan To Pitch New Star Trek TV Series

We could all go for a new TV series of Star Trek, but it's hard to imagine it being in a form Gene Roddenberry — or serious Trekkies — would approve of. There have been rumblings Paramount is considering a revival and if recent news is anything to go by, the entertainment giant might be more keen than we previously thought.

The pitch, however, is coming from an unusual source — a fan. According to Cinema Blend's Joseph Baxter, the creator of the unofficial web series Star Trek Uncharted, Micheal Gummelt, has been "extended an invite" by Paramount to convince the company to green-light a TV show based on his work.

Uncharted is set after Kirk's era, but before Picard, though it incorporates a new technology called the "Spacefold Gate" that would allow the Federation to explore the Andromeda Galaxy. So it would not only cover a period the existing series and movies have yet to explore, but a part of the universe too.

Whether it would incorporate the canon of recent movies, we don't know, but it seems odd to have two different versions of Trek going at once and would probably just end up confusing to the less franchise-savvy.

You can read more about Gummelt's concept over at Uncharted's website and yes, there are scripts for a few episodes if you want a better idea of how it might play out.

[Cinema Blend]

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