Netflix Has 10 Times More Aussie Subscribers Than Foxtel, Stan Or Quickflix

Research firm Roy Morgan has just published new data on the number of Netflix customers in Australia, and the international streaming giant is absolutely killing it compared to its rivals down under.

In March — the first month that Netflix was in Australia — the streaming service rocketed up the charts. By April, 766,000 Aussies in 296,000 households had Netflix. The month after that, it surged up to over a million customers in nearly half a million households.

According to Roy Morgan, Netflix in Australia now has 1,039,000 subscribers in 408,000 households around the country.

So, by way of comparison, what does the competition have?

Well, the closest competitor is Presto with 97,000 customers in Australia, followed closely by Stan and its 91,000 customers, Quickflix with 43,000 and rounded out by Foxtel Play at 40,000 subscribers.

That means Netflix has over 10 times the amount of subscribers in Australia than its closest competitor does. Here's what that looks like on a graph:

Roy Morgan


Which one do you subscribe to? Tell us in the comments!

Disclosure: Stan is a 50/50 joint venture between Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media. Allure Media, the company which publishes Gizmodo Australia, is also owned by Fairfax.

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    A very happy Netflix subscriber (from pre-March, but changed over to an Aussie acct to take advantage of iTunes discount cards for payment).
    Also used Stan trial, but cancelled it due to no dedicated Apple TV app (at the time) & buffering issues (on an NBN connection). So my question is:

    How many of those "subscribers" are paying, and how many are accounts for the free trial month(s) only? I know Presto had 3mths/6mths free that were (stupidly) generic codes, so many of their accounts could be that.

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      I use stan on my Apple TV. It has an app on it now at least

    Any idea how many people subscribe to traditional foxtel?

      2.6 - 2.7m I think.


      In August 2013 they had about 2.5 million. Have no idea what it is today.

        About 2.5 people

          One of my mates works for Foxtel and said they had a pretty steady decline the front end of this year so I am guessing 2.5 million or just less.

          Last edited 23/06/15 4:16 pm

            Is that a steady decline in new subscribers or a decline in the number of current subscribers?

              He didnt say actually. Could be a decline in new subscribers because remember end of last year they had a super cheap deal of like $25. It then went up to $50 around Jan/Feb. So, could be a decline in sign ups.

        Hopefully less.

        The sooner that company implodes/becomes consumer-friendly/good-value, (HAH) the better.

          Yes, less choice the better. That would be good for competition. Idiot.

            If you're a sports fan and want to watch all the nrl and afl games you have to have Foxtel so at the moment for a lot of Aussies there is NO competition. Maybe them imploding would create competition. Almost forgot, idiot.

              Oh ok, so FTA TV don't bid for TV rights? Foxtel have simply won the rights, but there is certainly competition when there is bidding. Know the game! The more competition the better! You think that Netflix would be this cheap if there was no competition?! Don't be a fool.

                But for the consumer there's no competition when it comes to who to watch their footy on. At least if there was no foxtel they wouldn't be bidding against FTA and we may just get it for free. Netflix is competing against other streaming services, Foxtel can go ef itself, has had a strangle hold on the Australian market for too long and exploit it with ridiculous prices for an average service.

                  I agree. If Foxtel disappeared, the major codes would definitely sit back and take drastically reduced TV rights deals and not do anything to remedy the situation...

            Yeah, because all those exclusives they're holding on to would just shrug and decide that Australia is a lost cause because they can't go through the Foxtel monopoly, and would not be picked up by any other provider, let alone multiple who don't sign exclusives...


              OMG! Are you kidding, there are exclusives because Foxtel pay for the rights, FTA channels are more than free to bid for them too. Ignorant fool.

                That's exactly the point. Anyone can bid to pick up the rights. But you have to pay EXTRA to lock everyone else out of picking up the rights. And you think having a bunch of those released into the air wouldn't result in competition? You're dreaming. Fool.

                  You get what you pay for. Simple as that, all you people expect everything for free. Well guess what, things cost money. Providing a service costs money. Simple economics, Supply and Demand, obviously people want Foxtel or they wouldn't be in business! So all you guys can sook and complain, but people pay for the service, because Foxtel meets the need that people want.

                  Now go cry in the corner peasants.

                  Good one lumianator we're all peasants. Tell you what let us in on your total net worth and I'll flip you for it.

                OK, enough with the insults, you're obviously having difficulty with the concept of what competition is and how it's encouraged.

                Let me put this in terms you might understand: Foxel is the Telstra of TV.

                When we wanted to improve competition in the telecoms space, it required a weakening of the monopoly. Because oh, sure, ANYONE can put copper cable in the ground and run their own network!

                Similarly, anyone can bid on exclusive rights, but there's an anti-competitive thing that happens when the largest provider is able to throw money at it that the others can only dream of. It cements their monopoly, meaning they don't have to compete on price or service.

                Now do you understand? The implosion of Foxtel would actually be a positive for competition.

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      2.6 million as of 31 December 2014

      "Foxtel is still the leading paid television service in Australia, with Roy Morgan pointing out that more than five million people are subscribed." -

      So News are reporting 5 million, and everyone else here estimating about 2.5 million. And News owns half of Foxtel, so....

        So News has 2.5million subscriptions to Foxtel...?

        I'm not sure if the text has changed, but it currently reads "more than five million people have access to Foxtel in their homes".

        That checks out pretty well - they assume two and a bit people using it per household.

    Netflix is all I have. I had Stan when it first started. But I cancelled it with their lack of native apps. I then resubscribed when they released their ATV app. But the app is a poorly rushed app that it's put me off them even more. Presto I've tried but their SD picture has put me off. Maybe if they do HD and have an app on my LG TV or PS4 I might try them again. Quickflix is a joke and they should just die. Foxtel play is ok. But no HD and the cost of it puts me off.

    Yeah, when you say ten times more subscribers than Foxtel, do you mean Foxtel pay TV service, Presto or Foxtel Play?

    Last edited 23/06/15 3:38 pm

    Title is a bit disingenuous. Thought it was Foxtel, not Foxtel Play

      Definitely! Change that over to 'Foxtel Play' Luke, very misleading.

      Deliberately disingenuous my friend.

      It's all about dat sweet clickbait money brah.

    Hey Turnbull, is it willful pirating or failed business models thats been the problem? I think you have your answer right here. So maybe not so much with the invasive impractical anti-pirate legislation and maybe let the market decide - that's the ethos isn't it, or is it monopoly protectionism at the expense of Australians?
    Will we see the same at the polls with NBN - can't wait to see.
    I reckon the market will choose fiber to the home. Fiber to the node is feeling a bit foxtel play right now?

      I doubt we'll see shit at the polls, unfortunately.

      Social issues that affect us day to day seem to take a back-seat to everyone trying to figure out who's best managing the economy and national security. If it's not one of those two things, it ultimately isn't actually an election issue.

    Knowing those stats your think foxtel would want people to pirate to get people off Netflix and make it seem that foxtel was doing alright in comparison.

    According to recent reports Foxtel has 2.6m subscribers... that is even more telling against Netflix's 1.039m subscribers, Netflix stacks up pretty well given how long it has been in the market.

      Problem is the netflix catalogue, it's tiny.

      I'm not far from completely watching all content I am interested in within the first month. After that I'll be unsubscribing due to the lack of content. Their is nothing remotely like the volume of content on say Syfy.

      Last edited 24/06/15 9:58 am

        wha the what? ??? How is that possible???? Might be time to expand your taste a little. Having been a subscriber for several years I have barely come close to watching even a tiny amount of their constantly updating vast catalogue.

          "vast catalogue" are you fu*king high? They are missing nearly all Star Trek series for starters and its pop science fiction. Not that it matters for me tho, I have watched them all....Still it's a pathetic hole. What about or the other popular science fiction? (put that into Google and compare). Fail.

          I have watched all the "Action and adventure" most of which I had already seen. I won't touch drama. I am nearing completion of all science fiction and fantasy tv titles (not hard, they only have 20 shows) except for the B grade shows. I'll watch them last. As for the thriller category, again completed except for the B grade shows.

          Comparing Netflix Australia to Netflix US alone is about 1/4 of the content. So when I say that the catalogue is terrible, I mean it.

          Hell I would be willing to pay triple for a more "complete" list of available content. Better yet just give Australia the same catalogue as US. But that will never happen will it?

          The worst part about Netflix is Netflix. They intentionally won't give you a show list from A-Z because it highlights how small the catalogue is. My personal bluray collection is well into the thousands to see anything less, is worthless.


          Last edited 30/06/15 2:20 pm

            Yes Netflix could do with more content here (Blame companies like fuxtel for holding exclusive rights to everything). But just because you have a limited scope in what you want to watch by no stretch of the imagination means that there is still not a vast catalogue of content available for only $8.... in movies and documentaries alone there is a growing and changing catalogue of content available which i enjoy.

            also you listed quite a large quantity of content. to get through all that in less than a month i would suggest getting out of the house for a few minutes.

            Last edited 31/07/15 1:59 pm

              Normally I would agree with you on getting out of the house. Did you stop to think I now can't asshat?

              I wouldn't call my taste limited. I just don't like drama and reality TV. I have also watched all the documentaries worth watching...

              Last edited 22/08/15 8:24 am

        There is
        Sense 8 ( 1 season)
        orange is the new black (3 seasons)
        shameless (5 seasons)

        That alone is a good 50 hours worth of watching.
        thats before the movies. any the other 47 tv series..

        If you are out of material i doubt anything would have enough to keep you interested.

          Watched them all excerpt shameless as i can't stand cringe drama.

            Maybe try blue mountain state.. You might like it :)

              Ok that show is the exception and is freaking awesome. Watched the whole series twice. Unfortunately before I ran out of content to watch.

                Haha there is still lots of gear. I found round the twist! classic !

      Yeah, but there is a difference in paying 10 bucks a month, verses having a subscription to pay tv which requires installation to ones home and the investment in a dedicated box.

    I have a US Netflix and Hulu plus account. At least 2 others in my family are using the same setup. No reason to change to AU yet.

      For Netflix:
      1. Add yourself to the stats, makes Netflix AU look better.
      2. It's cheaper (after currency conversion and credit card fees, I saved $1/month at least)

        Even cheaper if you use prepaid iTunes cards bought on sale (there's usually at least 20% off offers going all the time. Got my last batch for 50% off from HNorman sale.)

        You do have to start the subs from Apple TV for that, but can use it as normal on any device once started.

        Yeah this. I do this. Plus you can use your account to watch other Netflix regions anyway with the help of a VPN or similar..

      Same boat, I don't watch netflix anywhere near the amount that I watch hulu these days.

      But I'll probably drop netflix US and pick up the AU sub soon, then keep getflix until aus netflix starts picking up some better shows.

    How does a "survey" of only ~2,000 respondents extrapolate to millions of Australian households? The survey results underestimates Quickflix considerably so on that basis alone its not credible,

      Yeah what the hell. Right under the infographic. Come on Luke - You're better than this.

      Says the person who is clearly a fan or works for Quickflix based on their handle.

      If Quickflix is underestimated, then all of the others could also be underestimated. It's also equally likely that Quickflix (and the others) are overestimated. Unless you include absolutely everybody, then some extrapolation is always required.

      Because it is a survey, not a census. 2000 respondents is an excellent sample size.

        But the article does not mention this fact even though it is CLEARLY listed under the image Luke has taken from Ray Morgan. In fact, It seems to be worded this way on purpose to make them seem like concrete numbers.

        You are correct that It does have a good sample size, but who did they survey? A bunch of 20/30 somethings at one location? Survey size means nothing without demographics.

        Last edited 23/06/15 5:25 pm

        Wouldn't call it an "excellent" sample size....statistically significant (and adequate), yes, but by no means excellent...4000 would have been better ^_^

          If you were to put error bars on that graph it wouldnt' look very different, their margin of error will be around 2%.

      None of the Streaming providers have released actual subscriber numbers, probably to avoid scrutiny from each other OR the media (Fairfax and News Corp own 2 of these providers).

      OzTAM, which measures ratings on Australia's free to air networks, doesn't have ratings meters in every Australian household, but it uses a survey formula. There is no accurate way to measure viewership unless these providers are willing to release their data.

      Just have a look at the source. Down the bottom is a table containing margin of error to be assumed (granted doesn't provide one for samples < 5000, but it is disclosed)

      Article also indicates new data will be captured monthly (presumably from a different sample each time) so it's safe to assume that as this data set grows we'll get a more accurate picture about how each service is going.

      It's safe to assume that a company of Roy Morgan's stature and experience knows how to take an even distributed and representative sample of Australian households. End of the day only Roy Morgan would be able to tell you if the results are statistically significant and to what margin.

      Last edited 24/06/15 12:39 pm

      Stephen, your company's whole business strategy, from day one, has been "Do as Netflix does, but do it in Australia." You could set your watch by features that Quickflix implemented, relative to when Netflix first implemented them. There is literally nothing your company has offered or innovated in that wasn't already done by Netflix.

      But now Netflix is Australia's answer to Netflix. Why would people want to support a copycat, simply because they're local?

      I was with Quickflix for years, and watched the service slide into an absolute shambles.

      Streaming selection slim, quality rubbish, reliability non-existent.

      And the disc service! Boy, the disc service! Your disc service actually sent me back to my local Blockbuster!

      I got fed up waiting 6 months for a new movie to finally be allocated to me, only to arrive looking like a petri dish. Fingerprints and scratches everywhere. 1 in 3 discs were unplayable. I wish that were an exaggeration.

      At Blockbuster, I get a copy of the latest releases for $2 on the Tuesday they are released. Anything I missed, I don't sweat it, because their new releases transition to weeklies after about 6 weeks.

      And if I get a faulty or scratched disc, a replacement is a 5 minute drive away. And I know they're not just giving me the exact same disc back, like your company does. Seriously, I put a small marker dot on the sticker of a scratched disc I got from you guys, then I sent it back as unplayable *7* times until I stopped laughing and gave up. Two of those times, I purposely put a big greasy thumbprint right on the back of the disc and it was *still* there when the disc boomeranged back to me.

      This survey and your stock history does not surprise me in the slightest. We have the real deal here now. If your company is still around this time next year, I'll be truly amazed.

    Netflix has a windows phone app that works just as well as their other platforms.

    That should tell you all you need to know.

      It does! but no chromecast support :(

        For real? I was under the impression it does. Well that's lame it doesn't then.

        Sure it does. On pretty much all its apps. I use this all the time for the kids.

        Yes it does, though you need a quick router settings hack if you want to use it with US Netflix.

          i'll need to look into this. do you need another app or something to make it work? didn't work natively for me.

            It involves changing a couple of settings in your router to block the hardcoded google DNS entries in chromecast and make it use the entry in your router. See the link to make it work:


    I have Netflix and Foxtel Play but the Play numbers are skewed down. If you have regular Foxtel, you don't need to get Play as well as it's included.

    Hang on.. a million subscribers in 400,000 households..? So every household that uses netflix has at least 2 subscriptions? What the..?

      Yeah, if you look closely to the scale on the y-axis (that's the only reference, as the original article isn't linked), it appears that the count is of "Number of Australians over the age of 14 viewing the streaming service", rather than the number of accounts. It's not clear at all whether that means the number that have ever viewed it, the number who view it regularly, or the number who's households have a current subscription.

      Multiple devices.
      Like with foxtel if you had 2 boxes.

      That's because according to Roy Morgan the 2,000 aren't actually subscribers-- rather its those with access-- whether that's through shared accounts, devices, whatever.
      It's beat up-- not a survey and not news.

      Well, kinda. Like me, for instance, I have one top-tier subscription shared across three households, a total of about nine people.

      Think share houses. We have 5 people in my house. 4 of them have netflix accounts.

      Could also be that Vodafone (and maybe others) are giving away free netflix subscriptions on mobile plans, so you could have a family of 4 all with their own account and no intention of paying for it when it runs out.

    That's pretty impressive for a platform that launched <6 months ago. I love Netflix, I gotta say it's one of the best things i've paid money for in relation to entertainment media.

    The thing is, since getting Netflix, I have practically stopped torrenting. even for shows that aren't on Netflix.

      Same. I just watch what I find (or get suggested) on Netflix now, and for $9 a month its a bargain compared to Foxtel. Even my FTA viewing has died.

        IView is as close as I'll get to FTA programming now. I don't really use Stan or Hull but have them both as well as Netflix. Right now almost all my entertainment is coming from Google Play All Access, a select group of YouTube Channels, Netflix. Everything else is statistically insignificant.

        Oh and of course Steam.

      Me too. I can think of one show and two movies since Netflix launched for our whole household. Hardly a thing compared to last year!

    I usually watch the shows on Netflix via the recommendations on here. S'good.

    We use Netflix as its built into Fetch TV and can use the same remote and interface without switching source/plugging in things/connecting etc.

      That's one question I have, is Netflix an "app" on Fetch or does it just show you content regardless of who serves it?

      If it's the latter then I'll be grabbing Fetch.

        It's an app as in you have to select it in the menu to open up the interface. It's not mixed in the same tv guide as free to air. You can't turn on the tv and have netflix there as far as I know. Its a pretty quick UI and transition though when looking for or continuing a show as opposed to using chromecast which I also have.

          Damn, what i really want is a nice TV interface that just shows me a list of content. Basically I want the PS4 Netflix app but with content from all my services.

          It'd just be nice to have content given to me, not services.

    Netflix in Australia sucks, everybody knows that. Foxtel is still the best followed closely by stan. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

      Here here. Who would pay $10 a month for most of the content they want when they can pay $100 for nearly all the content they want, a 12 month contract, archaic devices and more ads than you could shove in a Superbowl. Oh and of course, lest we not forget fixed airing times and the $10 HD premium.

      Honestly why anyone would use Netflix instead of Foxtel is beyond me.

      so much sarcasm I need a shower.

      "Everybody knows that."



        I was expecting more laughter under the spoiler tag =(

    Its pretty clear that Netflix's market penetration by being available on almost all platforms (our 2013 Panasonic plasma recently got an update and Netflix's app) is what is causing these high numbers.

    Presto, Stan etc by only being available on a couple of platforms is what is holding them back. And the fact they are only in SD doesn't help their cause either.

    I gave up on Stan a while ago. It was great when it worked which, for a short while, it did perfectly. But then every show I watched was endlessly interrupted by buffering and I got fed up with it and quit. As for Presto... I'm not paying a penny to watch anything in SD.

    Can't discount the fact that Samsung TV's have a 6 months free Netflix offer also. There'd be more than a few of those TV's being sold and people signing up for that.

      Vodafone gives 6 months free Stan or Spotify when you sign up or re-sign with them.

      I chose Spotify though, because I already have Netflix and don't need Stan now that Better Call Saul is over.

    I have to admit I'm excited for what Netflix is accomplishing. It's nonetheless frustrating that all these companies have to create the exact same product, and then rapidly create exclusive agreements with studios to try to secure their tenuous existence. I.e. Stan has Community where Netflix does not.

    Foxtel's subscribers are mostly baby boomers who will start to switch off their subscriptions over the next 10 years as they're shipped off to old folks homes.

    Surely people purchase Netflix, the just activate their VPN (a 'flick-switch' type like Tunnelbear), then refresh the page for US Netflix goodness.

    That + the odd torrent (very rare nowadays) is finally an adequate amount of entertainment :)

    Netflix, cancelled stan as soon as i finished watching better call saul. also they didnt have a windows phone app.

    Pay for Netflix, pay for Foxtel and have a 3 month free subscription to Stan. I watch heaps of Foxtel, some Netflix (other patrons of the house watch heaps of Netflix) and very little Stan.

    The reason Stan is rarely watched is because the service is poor. I choose something in Netflix and get feedback for buffering and it starts, with good quality, fairly quickly. Stan leaves me waiting with no feedback for ages before I just give up. Only watched 1 movie and 1 TV ep so unless it changes drastically in the next couple of months I'll be cancelling.

    I've got 4 Chromecasts in the house for Netflix/Stan, none of which are attached to my main smart TV (which also has an Xbox One) so I can't watch Stan on there as they have no apps on anything other than mobiles and tablets. I could attach my Macbook to the TV but that's far too much effort when I just need to press a couple of buttons for Foxtel and Netflix. Getting a Chromecast or Apple TV for that TV just for Stan is ridiculous when I can watch everything else so easily. I think the range of movies and TV shows on Stan is great so I want to be able to watch it, it's just too bad the service doesn't match the library.

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