Inside The Game Of Thrones Armory: Making The Awesome Weapons Of Dorne

Game Of Thrones' latest season came to a breathtaking end last night. If you missed it, you can catch up with our wrap right here! One of the best moments of the season was the incursion into Dorne. Meet the talented blacksmith who fashioned the amazing weapons of Dorne.

Tommy Dunne is the weapons master for the legendary HBO show, and it's his job to create weapons that not only look amazing, but also fit in with the family members who are wielding them. Creating the weapons of Dorne meant fitting in with the same style of the spear held by The Viper last season.

They aren't just lame painted props, either. The swords, spears, whips and daggers of Dorne are crafted out of beautiful, luxury materials. For example, the spear we see held to the throat of Jamie Lannister is set with Swarovski diamonds, and decorated with gold and silver filigree. Meanwhile, the handle of the whip features beautiful coloured stones laid into the wrapped snake design.

Now that season five is over, you can go and download the whole season on Google Play, Apple iTunes or other digital stores. Get to binge-watching!

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