Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

This is it: the final consumer version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It's coming Q1 2016, and it looks just like the version that leaked two days ago! We're live in San Francisco where Oculus is giving us all the details.

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

We're not getting any detailed specs or a price point today, but Oculus is letting us know just how much the headset has improved. It looks and feels like a consumer product now, with higher quality plastics and fabrics, and it's light enough to heft with a single hand. You'll finally be able to wear it with glasses (!) and it will come with a pair of detachable headphones that mount right on its adjustable side rails.

The headset still isn't wireless, unfortunately — you'll need to drape the cable over your shoulder, and Oculus still recommends you enjoy virtual reality while seated instead of walking around.

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

Since not everyone has eyes that are the same distance apart, the final Oculus Rift will let you adjust the IPD (interpupillary distance) of the optics. There's a little slider underneath the headset that lets you control the distance between the lenses.

Inside, there are a pair of low persistence OLED screens, one for each eye. "There's no motion blur, no judder, no pixels," says Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe. "It feels just like you've put on a pair of glasses." The entire optics display is removable, too — allowing you to install a pair of lesnes that better fit your face (I have an enormous nose, for instance) or have more room for a pair of spectacles. Neat!

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

So that's how Oculus will get your eyes and ears into virtual reality. There's a camera you'll mount on a surface to track your head, too. What about your hands? Well, there's no word on the leaked "Simple Input Device" we saw a couple of days ago — instead, every Oculus Rift will come with an Xbox One gamepad.

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

Yes, that's right, a normal game console controller, with standard analogue sticks and buttons, and a wireless adaptor to connect it to your PC. Microsoft's Phil Spencer came out on stage to announce that you'll even be able to stream Xbox One games like Halo, Forza and Sunset Overdrive to the Rift... but it's not what you'd think. You won't be playing those games in virtual reality — you won't feel like you're driving a Forza car — but rather just sitting in a VR room playing them on a big-screen TV. Fun, but lame.

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

Oh, but get this: Oculus is indeed working on its own motion controller too: Oculus Touch. It's a pair of controllers that wrap around each of your hands, wireless, each with their own analogue stick, two triggers (one for your finger and one to use a "grip" motion), and two face buttons.

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016
Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

The Oculus Rift can track them in a virtual environment with its camera and the controller's built-in inertial sensors, but that's not all they can do: Oculus founder Palmer Luckey says they can actually recognise gestures you make with your hands, like waving or giving a thumbs-up. They will be coming in the first half of 2016, probably after the Rift itself, though you'll be able to preorder them at the same time. No word on how much they will cost.

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

Here's a quick look at the interface you'll see inside the Oculus Rift: there's a store, of course, a friends list which shows you recent activities, and some status indicators up in the upper-left corner. Weirdly, these particular indicators include wifi and battery life... despite the fact that the headset isn't wireless. "Infer from that what you will," teased Palmer when we asked him. Oculus' Nate Mitchell says they could just indicate what you see if you're plugged into a laptop.

So what will you actually experience on the Oculus Rift? Oculus wants you to know that real, purpose-built VR games are coming.

There's EVE Valkyrie, of course, the incredible space dogfighting experience that's also coming to the Sony Morpheus VR headset as well:

And Insomniac Games, which makes the excellent Ratchet & Clank and Resistance games, announced a over-the-shoulder VR adventure game called Edge of Nowhere as well.

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016
Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

Gunfire Games is also contributing Chronos, another third-person adventure where you explore an ancient labyrinth.

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

If the name wasn't a hint, Chronos is a game about time: as your character ages, you have to approach the dungeon differently. As a young man you're nimble and brash. In middle age you're stronger and a bit more experienced. As an old man you're weak and frail, and must rely on magics and knowledge of the old tomb in order to survive.

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

Other games coming to the Rift include a game called Damaged Core, VR Sports Challenge (which will include VR football, basketball, and hockey), Esper (you get telekinetic powers), a VR version of AirMech, and the Mario-like platformer Lucky's Tale. All of these initial games will be available on the Rift next year, says Oculus.

There's more coming, too — including work from Square Enix, Harmonix, and more than a dozen other developers. Here's the full list:

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

Not a lot of big names there, but Oculus also just announced it will contribute $US10,000,000 to help indie developers create games for the Rift.

Sadly, we won't be able to try the new Rift or any of its games today — that will happen next week at E3!

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    Anyone have a link to a high quality recording of the keynote? Oculus hasn't released anything and the ones on Youtube are the lowest quality.

      Not worth watching, no gameplay, no tech demos. Just screenshots and more screenshots.

      I found this one.

    I read Coming Q1 2016 and thought to myself "Damn, that's ages away" then realised that it's already June 2015. How the hell did that happen?

      Have you got kids yet? Have noticed that time seems to travel at 4X now I have 2.

    Not sure about those headphones, they look a little clumsy and like an after thought.

      They unclip though.
      More annoying is you need a PC running Windows 10 if you want to stream your XB1 to the rift.

        Why is that so annoying? Need a PC to run the rift at all...

          and considering Win 10 is a free upgrade from 8, I have no problems with this.

            but the xbox one is a next gen device and has more CPUs and graphics than a pc. Microsoft is going to release the directx 13 update for it to unlock ddr5 ram and itll make occulus even more awesome

    From the leaked images the other day: “Don’t expect everything to carry through to the stream on the 11th,” Luckey warns."

    Seems the camera at the front of the leaked screenshot isnt making it into the production model this time around.

    I dunno about anyone else but even streaming xbox games (not VR) sounds pretty cool. It is so much easier to play racing/fps/sports games when you have a big screen to see finer detail. Also means I can play games that aren't "child friendly" without twisting my kids fragile little minds!

    Why make a third person game in virtual reality, how is it a virtual reality if you're not in the characters shoes?

      I imagine it still allows them to add a degree of depth to the world that you wouldn't otherwise achieve.

      In any event, I imagine most titles won't be exclusive for use with the Rift, so we'll see a lot of traditional games that support it to add depth, but the vast majority of people will play it on a traditional display.

      That and personally I want to see some diversity. Really, you could make the same argument about adopting an FPS perspective ever since PCs became capable of it in the mid 90's. It hasn't stopped games making good use of other perspectives, and those games are often still very immersive.

      Perspective and reality are two different things. Reality is existence. Virtual reality is the illusion of existence. It doesn't matter what angle you're looking at a virtual reality from, if it appears to exist but really doesn't, it's a virtual reality.

    Yes, interesting.

    But the big question wasn't really addressed in the end, was it?

    Which Sean sports the gigantic shnoz?

    Win10 is not free. Its business model reaps more for micro$oft than ever before. Free upgrade now, pay to hire for evermore. and all your work held to ransom when you dont pay. I much prefer to pay for win7 and own it. OpenOffice will be the big winner in the long run.

      You are an idiot. If you spent more than 10 seconds looking into it, you would realise that Windows 10 is not a subscription based system. OpenOffice is also not the big winner.

      Bahaha you're a mooorrrooon. OpenOffice with there 0.000001% marketshare? Oooh I'm sure Microsoft are shaking in their boots.

    You're all forgetting the one thing that will propel this technology into the stratosphere... Porn

    Im just worried ill spend $300 for a device to make me vomit...........

    I only have 1 question about this. Maybe someone can answer it.

    They say, and I've seen video of, people playing non-oculus supported games and it shows them in this VR room looking at a cinemaesqe screen. Is this the ONLY way you can view these games or can you change a setting so that the game is projected like it would be on a monitor, only without any VR settings? If for example I want to play FF14, would I be forced to play this in that VR mode in a fake room? because that would be a friggen nightmare if so. Every little head movement being translated into a jiggly screen in front of me would give me a massive headache and would just be like perma shakey-cam effect and be shit.

      A lot of PC games are properly oculus compatible with 3rd party plugin. Ie not just a virtual room with 2d screen like that ridiculous demo.

      it shouldn't really be perceived as a jiggly screen, it will mimic the position of a realworld screen as you turn your head and your brain should interpret it as staying in the same position in space.

    If your not going to feel like you're sitting in the driver's seat but sitting on a virtual lounge playing a game on a virtual TV, then why even bother when you do that already in real life.?

      Well it depends on how big your real life screen is, if its going to feel more like you are watching on a cinema screen then that would be nice. But thats only the Xbox side of things, other PC games will be immersive.

      There are a few use cases. Feeling like you're playing on a big screen in a dark room without taking up so much space; or playing GTA without your young kids seeing or hearing it; or removing distractions. Probably not a better option than an actual big screen in an actual room, though, if you have that option.

    Have 3. Can confirm.

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