Half Life 3 Confirmed? [Update: Nope, Fake]

Update: Is it really happening? No. No it isn't.

Valve just pushed a graphic for Half Life 3 onto its main site. Or at least a site that looked like Valve's official site.

A site masquerading as Valve's official page pushed a graphic for Half Life 3 onto its main carousel a little while ago, in the middle of the PC Gaming press conference at E3 2015.

However, the site gave itself away when it dumped to Valve's Steam Powered storefront and the actual Valve website.

The site hosting the graphic is valve.software, whereas Valve's actual site is valvesoftware.com and steampowered.com.

That was an epic fucking troll. Bravo, you asshole.

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    It's fake. That pic is from 'valve.software'. 'valvesoftware.com' is their real site and it's not up there.
    I could be totally wrong though, they could own valve.software too. But I'm not getting my hopes up.

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    Ahh.. Don't you mean the fake website Valve.Software.com?.... Well done.

    You fell for it.

    Yeah, fake. But very, VERY well done! :D

    Perfect time to pull a Half Life 3 Fake, with all the major cool announcements at E3, i can see how people fell for this.

    valve.software's whois info is blocked... so it is a fake

    So who the hell managed to get it onto google top result in a few seconds

      I would like to know this too.
      Can someone please explain how they were able to do this?

        Maybe it was a Google Prank

        It's easy to do, if you know how to work with Google AdWords and such.

          Google adwords only do paid ads up the top of searches however they are not high ranked sites, just ads.

          The site in question was ranked quite high for a such a short amount of time. a Keyword such as half life 3 is a medium-high competitive keyword, it would have taken months even years to get to the top of google like that.

      you tend to jump up real quick on a new site and then fall down pretty quickly after a week or so

    valve.software in cache...

    oh god, the pain the pain so it ain't so please make it happen "sobbing in the corner" with the lights out.

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