Android Will Become As Big As PC For Gaming Says Nvidia CEO

As Microsoft and Sony duke it out for home gaming supremacy, the self-styled "PC master race" happily sits back and watches the chaos, satisfied at their customisable builds, superior hardware and better graphics. Nvidia, a key benefactor of the PC master race has tipped Android to surpass the PC's popularity in future.

Speaking at a pre-Computex breakfast yesterday, co-founder and CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, predicted a bright future for Android in the gaming space thanks to open source and its versatility as an operating system.

"We believe Android is going to be a major gaming platform, as the PC has become. The PC is a gaming oriented platform [and] because it's open it became a wonderful gaming system. Android is the OS of the cloud, the OS of the internet. This OS will also someday become an important gaming platform," he said.

Nvidia definitely has skin in the game when it comes to Android gaming. It released the SHIELD handheld a few years ago, followed by the SHIELD gaming tablet last year, followed by the most recent announcement of the Nvidia SHIELD console.

Jen-Hsun calls this Nvidia's "step-by-step investment in Android", which has led to the Google platform now being on the most important screen in the house.

"We believe that although some people play games on Android phones, almost everyone in the family has someone in their family who loves games. The family television must be capable of playing games. We think we can play a role there," he added.

It's a bold claim, to be sure, especially considering the recent failure of other Android gaming players like OUYA.

The OUYA console was a Kickstarter success story at launch, but as time progressed the product failed to catch fire in the market. Now it has reportedly failed to restructure its debts and needs to find a buyer, fast.

According to a memo sent out by the company's CEO, OUYA needs to "recover as much investor capital as possible". Interestingly, one of those investors who helped to fund OUYA in its Series 1 round was NVIDIA.

No word yet on when the NVIDIA Shield TV comes to Australia, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we know.

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