US Air Force Uses 'Moronic' Selfie To Bomb ISIS Headquarters

Air Force Uses 'Moronic' Selfie to Bomb ISIS Headquarters

Many of us know feeling of posting a regrettable pic or two online. But while your thoughtless photos might be an embarrassment, they (typically) aren't offensive enough to merit a US Air Force strike. If you're an terrorist, on the other hand, a wee bit more discretion is probably advised.

ISIS didn't post dick pics, but in hindsight that might have been a better call for the Islamic State militants who instead allowed selfies taken in front of a secret headquarters to surface on their social media. The photos caught the attention of US Air Force Intelligence, who, 22 hours later, took the entire building out with three JDAM-equipped bombs.

General Hawk Carlisle, commander of Air Combat Command, described the Air Force's successful use of social media intel to take out an ISIS target at a speech Monday in Arlington:

The [airmen are] combing through social media and they see some moron standing at this command. And in some social media, open forum, bragging about command and control capabilities for Da'esh, ISIL, And these guys go 'ah, we got an in.'

So they do some work, long story short, about 22 hours later through that very building, three JDAMS take that entire building out. Through social media. It was a post on social media. Bombs on target in 22 hours.

It was incredible work, and incredible airmen doing this sort of thing.

ISIS is infamous for exploiting social media for recruitment purposes. According to Air Force Times and CNN, the organisation has a reach of about 200,000 viewers on Twitter and other sites, which has helped it recruit roughly 3400 Westerners.

But would-be Islamic State militants are not the only ones paying attention to what ISIS posts on the internet: The US Air Force is constantly combing the organisation's social media for revealing photos exactly like the one in question.

Just remember: Once it's on the internet, there's no turning back.

[Air Force Times]

Top image via Wikimedia

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    Lolz! We see your Boasting Social Media Post and raise you 3 x JDAMS.

    This story is big news - splashed across major news websites, papers and radio.

    Still, maybe if they just kept their mouths shut about it all ISIS would still be posting their locations online and we could have taken out a bunch more basis...

      Great point. Now ISIS will be extra vigilant to ensure that militants switch off GPS metadata in their pics.

    Shouldn't they have kept quiet about how they got the intelligence to bomb the site?

      Yeah thought that too, but part of this war is social media propaganda, and no matter what it will make them think twice about posting crap. I also doubt that it was the only source of information that made them bomb it.

        or, they use this to their advantage and post pictures outside schools, hospitals or homes and claim to be their secret headquarters and watch them get blown up within 22 hours.

      Its only a matter of time before isis rediscovers the use of barrage balloons and runs up truck inner tubes filled with hydrogen on two kilometres of fishing line and downs a billion dollar jet.

        "truck inner tubes filled with hydrogen on two kilometres of fishing line"' ? Sounds Legit !

        They're never, ever going to do that.
        Using crappy old weapons is a massively different thing to producing hydrogen on an industrial scale and doing anything remotely clever.

          Also, they could just send cruise missiles in from a destroyer. Problem solved.

      Wouldn't worry, half of ISIS (vetted moderates according to John McCain anyways) were trained in Jordan or Turkey by the US Military to fight Assad in Syria in a US proxy war, and they already know all your tricks. That's why they got into social media in the first place, and started using the GoPro's you gave them :)

      Last edited 14/06/15 9:08 pm

    They should of posted themselves standing in front of the US embassy saying it was their head quarters and let the US bomb that. Now that would be funny.

      No it wouldnt. Dumb person

        I am intelligent person and I also thought that would be funny. I am contributing in a meaningful way to society so I don't need to locked up either

      You mean ironic, unless you're a sadist who should be locked away from society

        Laughing at people hurting themselves has a long and ignoble tradition.

        That said, the amount of destruction involved would push it past the point of being funny. Nobody laughs at 9/11.

        IMO they would have been better served by "leaking" a document pinning the ISIS "intelligence failure" on a suitable human target, such as a US expatriate... as it is, they've now warned ISIS to keep a closer eye on social media postings.

          Or more probably it's a false flag to protect an Intel source, likely humint

    Except now you wont know the difference between a real target and a fake. As an isis commander I would begin hitting targets, posting a selfie, and then withdraw to let americans to my work taking out my enemies for me. All well and pretty but I heard an alternative version of this story. It wasnt command and control base for isis, it was a base they had overrun. So maybe they are already using the us to do their war for them.
    Psst...we got a staging post in Baghdad. *selfie*

    Publicising the details of the operation makes perfect sense once you consider the PR and psychological aspects. Simply killing ISIS militants makes them martyrs and inspires the next generation of fundamentalists. Shaming them and showing them to be vainglorious idiots may actively discourage people who are considering joining the fight.

      Yes... they seem to respond to shame very well... I reckon ummm zero Jihadists have been shamed out of their acts by PR...
      Meanwhile PR seems to be doing an excellent job of telling them what not to do...

    General Hawk Carlisle
    It's like GI Joe in real life

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