A Tiny Transforming Dolly That Can Stay Attached To Your Camera

A Tiny Transforming Dolly That Can Stay Attached To Your Camera

Your digital camera has become far more than just a tool for snapping birthday pics. It’s a full-on portable cinematography tool. And with Edelkrone’s new compact Pocket Skater 2 dolly, you can easily capture professional-looking tracking or moving shots.

The three-wheeled Pocket Skater 2 is easily the smallest dolly you’re going to find that can carry a larger DSLR camera up to five-and-a-half pounds in weight. And for extra ease-of-use it can actually be left attached to your camera’s tripod mount because its legs and wheels fold up and out of the way.

Adjusting the circumference of a circular dolly shot is as easy as just pivoting the Pocket Skater 2’s two back wheels, or they can be all aligned for smooth zooms or tracking shots. And while the compact dolly doesn’t offer quite as much flexibility as using a giant crane, you can still adjust the angle of your camera, or its center of gravity, for achieving a unique take on a scene.

There’s also the fact that the Pocket Skater 2 can be easily stashed inside your camera bag when you don’t need it, instead of a small mountain of rolling cases that requires a film crew to transport. And it costs $US290 instead of thousands and thousands of dollars.

But don’t think the Pocket Skater 2 is only for use with larger or expensive DSLRs. The tiny dolly will work just as well with smaller digital cameras, or even a smartphone with the right tripod adaptor attached. Imagine how popular your Instagram account will be when you start posting professional-looking dolly shots of the meal your waiter just delivered.

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