A Galaxy Of Gorgeous Space Habitats

Art allows us to see beyond the boundaries of what’s currently possible. On sites like DeviantArt and Tumblr, artists share their stunning visions for life in space. Let’s take a trip through the wormhole to a future of space stations, colony ships and distant living quarters on dusty planets.

Space Habitat by Lyno3ghe on DeviantArt

Torus Habitat by TheArtofSaul on DeviantArt

Space Habitat by DainFleymmes on DeviantArt

Self-Sustainable Habitat model by asianjelly on DeviantArt

Merchant Space Station by ILJackson on DeviantArt

The Sky Cities by ILJackson on DeviantArt

Work in Progress: The Planet Strappers by minusd.tumblr.com

L5 Space Station Asgard by axelbockhorn on DeviantArt

Habitat 1 by wolfen11 on DeviantArt

Periapsis: Racing the Clouds of Jove by William-Black on DeviantArt

Space Habitat Interior by Mirk0 on DeviantArt

This New Ocean by Drell-7 on DeviantArt

Colony Station by garryts on DeviantArt

Toroidal by MarkJayBee on DeviantArt

Jupiter – colony by jedgraph on DeviantArt

Colony Ship ‘Horizon’ by TMC-Deluxe on DeviantArt

“Night Market Galaxy” (By Horim Eom) My kind of habitat!

I want all of these for my wall. If you have favourite artists who works with interstellar spaces, be sure to let us know in the comments.