11,000 Marbles Running Through A Gigantic Maze Is Absolutely Deafening

11,000 Marbles Running Through a Gigantic Maze Is Absolutely Deafening

If you're one of those cruel friends who likes to gift new parents with baby toys that make a lot of noise, a drum set is nothing compared to this monstrous, and utterly deafening, 10m long marble maze dubbed the Marble Tsunami by its creator Jelle Bakker.

Loud sounds are often compared to jet engines in order to give someone a good idea of just how deafening something is, but the Marble Tsunami needs to be compared to a jet engine, a freight train, a monster truck, and a tornado all at the same time to really do it justice. That's why its creator intends to eventually wrap it in a noise-dampening housing, if he doesn't lose his mind first. [YouTube via The Awesomer]

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