You Can Now Access Stan Through Apple TV (Update: Nope)

Stan is a decent streaming alternative to the likes of Netflix and Foxtel's Presto, but it loses out when it comes to apps. That's all changing today, however, with the news that Stan has its first native streaming app on a device that isn't a phone or tablet: it's now available on the Apple TV.

Update: The Stan logo has now disappeared from the Apple TV site. We've taken a look at our Apple TV in the office and found that Stan hasn't appeared. It seems to still be in development. There's no official comment from Apple.

Stan popped up as an available streaming option on the Australian Apple TV site this morning next to Netflix, TENPLAY, Fox Sports and other services:

Update: It has since disappeared.

Disclosure: Stan is a 50/50 joint venture between Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media. Allure Media, the company which publishes Gizmodo Australia, is also owned by Fairfax.

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    Further putting Presto into irrelevancy.
    Give up Foxtel.

    Is that really necessary? My understanding of Apple TV was it had pretty good streaming support from iDevices?

    Still no sign of console apps, which is the only way I can actually watch it on my TV as they've blocked installation on my android device (so no Chromecast).

      The problem with that is that to do that your phone/ipad is encoding it's screen into h265 and then the target device decompressing it again.
      As anyone who has a little experience with video/audio compression would know, re compressing a stream will introduce new artifacts as the old artifacts are considered "detail" when you do the next compression.

    So when will we see the app show up on our Apple TV? Just looked on mine and no new apps since fox sport popped up a week ago.

    Last edited 11/05/15 12:59 pm

      Also no mention on Stan's website.

        Or on their Twitter and FB page. Maybe Apple jumped the gun a little?

    I've done a couple of power cycles and system restarts but the app is not showing up. And there's no software update outstanding. :(

      When you get home tonight, update your Apple TV or cycle the power

    Too late Stan. I went with Netflix as it had an app on my Apple TV and my PS4 and you guys didnt. Plus I wanted to watch Daredevil.....and I was not disappointed!

      Your loss, ax. Stan and Netflix compliment each other. Def worth having both and all for the cost of a movie ticket.

    Apple has no idea about the App according to a member on whirlpool who rang Apple support about it. Seems the Apple site team get a bit ahead of them self. There is no ETA on the apps release.

    one of my two most un-liked things in 1 article.

    Foxtel and Rebel wilson

      haha yeah. agreed. one is over priced. one is over rated. and over....nevermind.

    Apple have updated the page and Stan is no longer showing.

    It seems to still be in development. There’s no official comment from Apple.

    Shouldn't you be asking Stan about the status of their app development? As you're both owned by Fairfax and all, surely they could tell you guys, "oh btw our Apple TV app will be released soon", maybe even give Giz a review build to report on?

    Regular informative updates would be good as I think most users have jumped ship by now.

    This will hurt Stan more. Unless they pull a rabbit out of their hat and have the app out before the weeks end. Doubt it.

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