Windows 10 Will Be The Software Brains Behind DIY Arduino Projects

Windows 10 Will Be The Software Brains Behind DIY Arduino Projects

Both Start Menu-lovin’ Microsoft maniacs and amateur engineers should froth over this news: Arduino and Microsoft are teaming up to make Windows 10 the first Arduino-certified operating system.

Microsoft says customers can combine Arduino’s hardware-driving powers with Windows software in a synergy that will let makers build a smorgasbord of cool, cheap smart objects — Arduino projects that could also rock GPS, touch displays, voice recognition, image processing, advanced audio, and so on.

“For example, a security camera can be built by using Arduino to power the motors controls to tilt/turn the camera,” Microsoft said in a press release. Makers can then use “Universal Windows Platform to create great UI, to connect the camera to the cloud, to process the image for motion detection and for adding facial/voice recognition.”

Two new open source libraries, Windows Remote Arduino and Windows Virtual Shields, are available for the makers Microsoft’s marketers covet. The former allows a wirelessly controlled Arduino device to execute commands on a Universal Windows Application. The latter allows an Arduino to access any Window 10 device’s hardware and sensors.

This announcement is the latest in big companies embracing and empowering the maker movement, which has come a long way from work benches and chisels.