What's The Craziest Computer Bug You've Ever Encountered?

What's the Craziest Computer Bug You've Ever Encountered?

System errors and software glitches appear without warning to mess with our workflows. If you work in tech, it's often on you to fix 'em. What's the weirdest thing you've seen?

Our own Annalee Newitz shared a story of a friend whose library software randomly decided to order 10,000 books in Russian. The friend was left trying to explain to suppliers that it wasn't her request — it was the work of a nefarious bug afoot.

From revealing private information, exposing networks to dangerous vulnerabilities, destroying painstaking designs, and just plain screwing shit up, bugs in the machine can cause all kinds of havoc. We want to hear your stories of the strangest bugs you've had to deal with.

Share your bizarro bug tales in the comments.

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

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