What Tech Terms Need To Die?

What Tech Terms Need to Die?

Technology creates amazing new advances that make our lives easier. It's also a wellspring of dumbass words. Let's talk about the latter for a second.

There was a moment back in 2012 — let's say February — when I was introduced to a new word: Phablet. It is of course a portmanteau of "phone" and "tablet" meant to point out how smartphones, especially in Asia, were starting to become ludicrously huge. Now, that the trend has been exported around the world, phablets (eck!) are everywhere. Can we just call them phones, please?

Also, the p-word isn't only dumb, it's an aural assault to your ear holes like nails to a chalkboard, dinner knives scratching a ceramic plate, or Britney Spears without autotune. It's the worst, and it simply needs to go away.

Are there any other tech terms out there that need to burn in the fiery pits of vocabulary hell? Let's burn it down, and maybe take some pointers from Icelanders.

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