UberASSIST: UberX Is Now Accessibility-Friendly In Australia

UberASSIST: UberX Is Now Accessibility-Friendly In Australia

In a bid to get more people riding with ride-sharing service, Uber Australia is today turning on a new optioncalled UberASSIST, which will allow those with various accessibility needs to work with drivers to get a ride.

UberASSIST takes the best-rated drivers from UberX in each city where the ride-sharing service is available and gives them special training and equipment to accommodate “those needing an extra hand”, according to Uber.

The UberASSIST vehicles will be able to accommodate items such as folding wheelchairs, collapsable scooters and walkers in their cars, but they won’t be installing lifts or accessible ramps into their vehicles.

To get the UberASSIST tier activated, riders will need to punch in the code ASSISTAU into their Promotions tab on the Uber app, and request one of the special UberASSIST cars to get them from A-to-B.

The new service kicks off today. [Uber]