Uber Drivers Are Being Slapped By The Australian Tax Office

The Government's tax crusade has reached Uber's Australian doorstep, with drivers on its cheap UberX tier now required to register as a business and pay GST, or risk even more fines.

The Australian Taxation Office has issued guidance for Uber drivers after a decision that sees the service classed as a taxi operator under the new rules.

This means that all Uber drivers, including ride-sharing UberX drivers, will need to register for an Australian Business Number (ABN) with the Government and collect GST on fares, regardless of their annual turnover. There is normally a turnover threshold of $75,000 per annum before GST registration is required, however that doesn't apply if you operate a taxi service.

The new rules will also require Uber drivers to lodge a quarterly Business Activity Statement. A penalty of $220 applies if you fail to lodge the statement.

Drivers have until 1 August to register themselves with the ATO.

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