This Is Kogan’s $359 Windows 8.1 Laptop

This Is Kogan’s $359 Windows 8.1 Laptop

Kogan is king when it comes to ridiculously cheap technology. $55 camcorders, $139 televisions, and now one of the cheapest Windows 8.1 non-netbook notebooks in Australia — and it even has a not-terrible Full HD display. This is how much laptop you get from Kogan for a whopping $359.

The Atlas X14FHD‘s standout feature has to be its 14-inch, Full HD 1080p screen — pretty impressive when some laptops for twice the price are still lumbered with HD or lower-resolution panels. The rest of the specs aren’t exactly incredible, but that’s not surprising when you’re paying as little as you are for, y’know, an actual computer.

Processing comes from a bargain basement but still quad-core Intel Pentium N3540 — running at 2.16GHz normally but boosting to 2.66GHz under heavy load — with 2GB of RAM as standard (but twice as much available for an extra $10). You still get 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and a multipurpose memory card reader built in, for what it’s worth, and a 500GB mechanical hard drive ounds out the package.

Kogan claims 9.5 hours of battery life, although we’ll wait and see what it’s actually like in the real world. We’ll give you a tip right now — get that extra RAM, since $10 is effectively a rounding error even on such a small price tag. Windows 8.1 is much lighter on RAM usage than its predecessors, but 2GB of memory is still cutting it extremely fine even when it comes to running an intensive program like Photoshop.

Almost surprisingly, too, Kogan isn’t even charging an arm and a leg for delivery. A flat rate of $19 should you metropolitan delivery around Australia (we tested on postcode 2000, for what it’s worth). You can buy the Kogan Atlas X14FHD for $359 right here, shipping within a couple of days. [Kogan]