These Photos Were Taken By A Dog

These Photos Were Taken By A Dog

Ever wonder what would happen if you gave a dog a camera? You don’t have to anymore: Nikon did it, and the results are endearingly fun.

Nikon strapped a Bluetooth heart rate sensor, a custom built camera case and a Coolpix L31 to an adorable border collie named Grizzler. The rig is pretty simple: if the pup’s heart rate shoots above a pre-set rate, the camera snaps a picture. So, what excites a dog? Exactly what you’d expect.

Other dogs


Wild animals

Anything (potentially) smelly

So the “heartography” marketing campaign is silly, but it’s also totally fun. Forget Nikon’s Coolpix line of cameras — I want a heart-rate triggered camera for my dog. And for me. [Nikon]