There's Already A Special Edition Of That New Devastator For Comic-Con

There's Already a Special Edition of That New Devastator for Comic-Con

First revealed at Toy Fair earlier this year, you unfortunately can't actually buy Hasbro's gigantic new Transformers Constructicons set yet. But there's already a special edition version being teased for the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con.

So what makes the special edition so special? It looks like the Constructicons have been given a shiny chrome finish courtesy of a vacuum metallising pass. It will no doubt look amazing, but it also means you'll have to be extra careful playing with Devastator as metal on plastic finishes often chip and flake very easily. And since this set will no doubt not come cheap, you might want to skip the chrome version if you have a few battles planned for these new Constructicons toys. [Facebook - Hasbro Transformers via AwesomeToyBlog]

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