There’s A New Social Networking App From The Creator Of SimCity

Whether or not we actually need another way to to be social through our smartphones, we have one. It’s called Thred and is slightly weird, slightly cool and a little bit confusing.

After creating SimCity, the Sims and Spore, Will Wright has gone in a totally different direction. Thred lets users tell and share stories through photos, but makes the experience more in depth and interactive by including links.

In other words, Thred is trying to create a better way to view and share interconnected virtual albums in a scrapbook like fashion.

It’s not just for sharing adventures or creating new memes — Wright wants Thred to be used for anything from web comics to how to guides.

You can get Thred on your iPhone or iPad, but there is no joy for Android users.

Still a little confused about exactly how Thred operates?

Try it out for free on iTunes, peruse Thred HQ or watch the demo video below.


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