The Queensland Premier Has Beef With Uber

The Queensland Premier Has Beef With Uber

Are you using Uber in Queensland? Enjoy that while it lasts: Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk may soon “act” against the service over safety concerns.

Speaking at a community cabinet event over the weekend, Premier Palaszczuk said she has safety concerns about ride-sharing drivers not going through the same safety checks as cab drivers:

The number one priority needs to be that when people hop into a cab … they need to know that they are safe. And when you apply to be a taxi driver you do have all of those regulated checks.

The Premier pledged to look into the service on behalf of concerned citizens.

The warning comes as the Uberwars heat up around the country. In Victoria, a taxi driver is recovering after an alleged altercation between a himself and an UberX driver. The altercation came to a head when the UberX driver reportedly ran over the cab driver’s foot.

That case is currently being investigated by Victoria Police.

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