The Beauty Of The Solar System, Captured Around Your Wrist

Orreries are great to look at, but unless you're a die-hard astronomer, they're hardly romantic. If you're after a gift that's slightly more portable, encompasses the majesty of our celestial friends and looks fabulous around one's limbs, you could do worse than this lovely "Galaxy Space" bracelet.

Hand-made to order by Lauren and Tyler, owners of the "jerseymaids" Etsy store, the bracelets are basically metal bands of gold or silver, with various pictures set behind circular glass. Getting one will set you back $US40, while a set of six (as shown in the picture above) is $US194.

The inset pictures are about 6mm in size and the bracelet has a circumference of 22.2cm.

According to the Etsy page, production takes around one to three weeks, with the shop just about to reopen (having been closed since 14 May). So if you do place an order, their might be an extended delay as they go through their backlog.

I'm usually not one for gold, but seeing the alternating metals as a set looks pretty good... though I don't think my wrist is particularly worthy of them.

[Etsy, via OhGizmo!]

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