Stan Says That Stan Has 200,000 Sign-Ups And 'The Largest Content Library' In Australia (According To Stan)

After several ISPs recently said that Stan's customer traffic could be considered as a "rounding error", the streaming service has hit back saying that it's heading for 200,000 customers and a massive content catalogue.

Speaking to the Macquarie conference this morning, Fairfax Media (a joint owner of Stan) told the market that "Stan gross sign-ups are tracking to 200k [sic]". It also added that it has "the largest content library", with 6089 hours of content on offer.

Correction: our initial story said Stan had 6089 titles on offer. It has since been corrected to represent 6089 hours of content.

Obviously all customer numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt. If you read into Stan's sign-up disclosure you realise that it has "gross" sign-ups, meaning all those 200,000 users may still be in their first free month.

The statement also specifies that Stan is "on track" for the 200,000 mark meaning it hasn't actually crossed the line yet.

In its most recent market disclosure, Netflix said that the Australian market has around 8.5 million servicable households for streaming video on demand services, and the race is on for all players — Stan, Netflix and Foxtel — to nab as much of it as possible.

Disclosure: Stan is a 50/50 joint venture between Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media. Allure Media, the company which publishes Gizmodo Australia, is also owned by Fairfax.

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