Sennheiser Now Sells Spare Parts In Australia

Headphones broken? Cable getting a bit frayed and fuzzy? Lost an earpad? Sennheiser now sells replacement cables, earpads and other bits and pieces for its headphones in Australia through an online store.

Australia is only the third country where Sennheiser headphones are sold to get a dedicated spare parts service — the other two are the UK and Germany. The online service centre is for headphones only, though, so you won't be able to get replacement bits and pieces for all your Sennheiser mics or other professional or high-end gear.

The entire gamut of Sennheiser headphones is supported, though — you can buy anything from a set of ear tips for your CX400 in-ear 'phones to a complete headband for the top of the line HD 800.

The new site for you to visit for all your Sennheiser headphone replacement parts needs is [Sennheiser]

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