Scenes From Star Wars Recreated With Nothing But Paper And A Scalpel

Marc Hagan-Guirey — or the "Paper Dandy" — is an artist from the UK that is rather good at "kirigami". It's a bit like origami, except you cut the paper in such a way that it sits up, much like a pop-up book. Hagan-Guirey decided to put his talents towards crafting unbelievably awesome-looking pieces influenced by Star Wars, including the Millennium Falcon.

Each of the scenes below have been made from a single sheet of paper, using nothing but a scalpel to carve the shapes. According to Hagan-Guirey's site, the whole set took two years to make and are some of the most complex he's ever made.

Custom lightboxes help add atmosphere and depth to the pieces and the artist is hoping to get an exhibition going, with funding provided by a Kickstarter campaign.

I know what you're thinking — any of these would look marvellous position in the pool room — sadly, Hagan-Guirey has no plans to sell any of them, citing the need "to remain entirely respectful to the Star Wars brand".

A couple more examples of his work can be found below, with a few others over on his website.

[Paper Dandy, via Nerd Approved]

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