One Year In, Uber Australia Has Given One Million Rides In Sydney

One Year In, Uber Australia Has Given One Million Rides In Sydney

That’s almost two uber rides every minute, 24/7 for a year. To celebrate, uberX crunched the numbers to come up with some very interesting statistics, such as the most popular late night hotspots based on pick-up location requests.

So where do Sydney uber riders like to party?

The most popular pickup locations include Slide and Mr Crackles on Oxford St, The Argyle, the Cargo Lounge and Star Casino in the city as well as The Imperial Hotel and Zanzibar in Newtown.

Perhaps most impressively, over the year, Australians have travelled 20,000,000 kms with uberX. That’s the distance to the moon and back 26 times!

Even better, some of those kilometres have been in supercars.

Over those one million trips, the average uber arrival time is just 4.1 minutes – an impressively short wait time.

Uber has also provided jobs to over 3000 jobs to Sydney siders. $4 million has gone to the 30 Sydney postcodes with the highest unemployment.

Around Australia, over a thousand new driver partnerships are created every month. Of course it is not all all smooth sailing for Uber drivers.

In Sydney, the typical uber driver partner works a $20 hour week and earns $2500 a month. That’s almost $30 an hour.

Uber has also helped make Sydney streets safer – transporting home over 50,000 people from CBD lockout areas after midnight.

Check out more stats over at the uberX blog.