Moby Also Has A Plan To Fix California’s Water Woes

Moby Also Has A Plan To Fix California’s Water Woes

While most celebs are making headlines in California’s drought for their unnaturally green and fragrant lawns, a few public figures have stepped up to offer real solutions for the state. William Shatner explained his enthusiastic if somewhat unrealistic plot to siphon water from Seattle. Now Moby’s issued his own idea to save California.

A Courage Campaign petition that’s written as a personal plea to Governor Brown went live today, with a somewhat wonky mandate from the electronic musician: Change the state’s water policy!

California’s broken water budget is allocating more water than our state could ever possibly supply. We ask that you work with the State Water Resources Control Board to manage our water responsibly: that means putting common sense restrictions on groundwater pumping, reining in corporate agribusiness, and balancing our water budget. We ask that you realign our water needs with our water supply and create a new water system that can serve the state for the next 100 years or more.

Moby’s attack on agribusiness — by which I think he means factory farms, specifically — is no surprise, seeing as he’s a longtime vegan. But he is right to focus his efforts on changing the state’s water rights, as this is the area that needs real reform. Maybe he and Shatner could perform a duet to bring attention to the issues at stake?

[h/t @ChrisMegerian (who has some of the best coverage on the drought)]

Picture: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP