Legends Of Tomorrow: DC Comics And The CW Have A Superhero Team TV Show. Sound Familiar?

It's new-show week in the US, and superheroes are very on trend. After the first-look at CBS' Supergirl barnstormed onto the internet, we have another DC Comics' series from The CW. It's called Legends Of Tomorrow and features a billionaire with loads of tech, a guy with a bow and arrow, a lady assassin, a guy who changes form into a dangerous version of a hero and a pair of criminals turned good. Sound like every Marvel trope from the last two blockbusters crammed into one TV show to anyone else?

Legends Of Tomorrow sees the Green Arrow team up with The Flash to lead a new team of superheroes fighting for their city. The team consists of White Canary (the resurrected Black Canary we saw on Arrow); Hawkgirl; Captain Cold and Heatwave; the Atom and Firestorm.

It certainly feels like a bad Avengers and Guardians Of The Galaxy spin-off set in the DC Universe, but given that superhero teams are so hot right now, this series is probably going to be a winner.

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