John Oliver Nails Australia For Threatening Johnny Depp's Dogs

When Australia elevates itself onto the world stage these days, it's rarely for something we can all be proud of. Last week saw Senator Barnaby Joyce threaten to euthanise Johnny Depp's dogs after the star bypassed the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service to bring them in. John Oliver's got wind of it, and is using the platform of Last Week Tonight on HBO to skewer the whole country.

No Aussie is spared: not Barnaby Joyce; not Kyle Sandilands; not echidnas or the platypus; not even Vegemite.

Check out the clip above before it's taken down. We've linked to a slightly dodgy clip, simply because the real Last Week Tonight clips go behind a US geoblock to preserve local distribution rights.

If you're after further reading on Depp's dogs, the ABC's Insiders program re-edited some Pirates Of The Carribean to reflect the Hollywood crisis.

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