Indie Horror Film ‘Cube’ Is Getting A Remake. It’s Called ‘Cubed’

Indie Horror Film ‘Cube’ Is Getting A Remake. It’s Called ‘Cubed’

“There’s money in them thar remakes!” I’m sure its a statement a Hollywood bigwig has made at some point in time and that’s because it’s true. Next on the agenda is the budget Canadian horror flick Cube, which recently got the go ahead from Lionsgate for an updated retelling.

The reboot is called “Cubed”, according to Steve Barton over at Dread Central, with Controller’s Saman Kesh in the director’s chair and Prometheus co-writer Jon Spaihts producing. Apparently Kesh penned a script that follows the original plot closely, with modern stylings, but it’s getting extra attention from English screenwriter Philip Gawthorne.

For the more movie knowledgeable, yes, Cube did get a two sequels, one in 2002 and another in 2004, but neither were at the same level as the first. Cubed is an outright new take, so maybe it can recapture the terrifying, mathematical magic of the original without selling out completely.

Fingers crossed.

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