Here’s This Year’s Official Eurovision Song Contest App

Here’s This Year’s Official Eurovision Song Contest App

It’s almost time. Those amazing three nights of unparalleled television excellence that is Eurovison, happening on 22-24 May from Vienna, Austria and broadcast on SBS. This year is the first that Australians can properly take part by voting for their favourite performances, and there’s an official app from Microsoft that’ll help you get up to speed.

Importantly for Aussies, you’ll be able to vote directly through the app via SMS — during the first semi-final, the second semi-final and the grand final, but only during the live broadcasts which, thanks to horrendous time differences, will be at 5AM on each of the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May. Thank god for SBS, though, who are re-broadcasting the shows in primetime each day (although your votes won’t count then).

As well as voting, the app also lets you keep track of the happenings in Vienna — how the rehearsals are going, how the stage is being built, and so on. Find out which decade of Eurovision suits you, too — whether you like the classics, or the here and now, or Abba.

Download the official Eurovision Song Contest app for Windows PCs, phones and tablets here, get it for iPhone and iPad here or for Android phones and tablets here. It’s made by Microsoft, and it’ll be updated just in time for the event:

Just in time for the live shows, a stream of new features hit the app, making your phone the best companion for Eurovision 2015. Features include:

  • The ability for users to follow each show live
  • Participant Profiles where Aussies can check out all the details on our home grown talent, Guy Sebastian
  • Selfie filters; within the selfie feature users can give their selfies a Eurovision flair by adding different elements of the Eurovision Song Contest
  • The ability to vote for the winner right from users’ Windows Phones, Windows Tablets and Android or iOS Devices via SMS

This year promises to be the biggest yet, not only because Australians can now vote for their favourite performances, but also because it’s an opportunity for Europe’s best theatre technicians and production teams and camera operators to show off their amazing skills. Seriously, the Logies and the Oscars could learn a thing or two from watching Eurovision in action. I mean, look at the quality of these performances:

Mark your calendars for 11 days from now. [Eurovision]