Here’s The Best ISP In Australia According To Netflix

Here’s The Best ISP In Australia According To Netflix

The rankings are in! Netflix has conducted its first test of Australian average ISP speeds, and the best carrier is…


(Wait, seriously?)

Yep. That’s right: TPG ranked first on Netflix’s first ISP speed ranking test with an average speed of 3.36Mbps during peak times.

Optus followed behind TPG with a speed of 3.27Mbps, with iiNet taking out the top spot at 3.24Mbps.

Between the top three and the bottom carrier are Primus, Extel and Dodo, with Telstra bringing up the rear at just 2.23Mbps.

Here’s all that in a pretty table:

The Netflix ISP ranking calculates the “average prime time bitrate for Netflix content streamed to…members during a particular month”.

Here’s how it’s calculated:

For ‘speed’ we measure, in megabits per second (Mbps), the average bitrate for Netflix content streamed by Netflix members per ISP. We measure speed across all available devices.

Excluded from our measurements across all ISP networks are a small number of plans, devices for which we cannot record accurate bitrates and streaming over identified mobile networks.

The speed shown on the Netflix ISP Speed Index is not a measurement of an ISP’s maximum network throughput or capacity.

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