GoGet Will Soon Let You Make One-Way Trips

Car sharing services are great — we're big fans of GreenShareCar and Hertz 24/7 — but they all require you to drop the car back where you picked it up at the end of your rental. That's fine for most users, but GoGet has just cracked the holy grail of car-sharing; it'll soon offer one-way trips from some of its fleet.

GoGet Oneway, just announced by Australia's first and largest car sharing network, is "designed with business users in mind". What that means in terms of specific plans or additional costs hasn't yet been confirmed, but the idea behind Oneway is clear: pick up a car, drive it on a one-way trip to any GoGet Oneway car-sharing spot in the network (that you've pre-designated), then leave it and be on your way.

Everything to make Oneway possible has been engineered in Australia, from the Web interface for booking trips to the in-car telematics that track vehicle location and driving data. Businesses across GoGet's Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane are already driving a big boost in GoGet's ranks — over 1800 cars are now on the road — and even the NSW government is looking at using car sharing services to replace its fleet.

Oneway will start out as a limited release, while GoGet works out which approach works best and where the fleet of Oneway cars generally end up; whether there's a bunch of vehicles clogging up at Sydney Airport or at the Sydney CBD superpod. To express interest in GoGet Oneway, click on the image below or head directly to the GoGet website.

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